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Hi, I’m Tom from Berrill & Watson – Superannuation and Insurance Lawyers.

This is a short message about superannuation & insurance for people on the disability support pension or on JobSeeker with a work test exemption.

If you have ever worked, you should have had superannuation which included insurance benefits for disability and you might still be able to claim.

The types of disability benefits are:
• total & permanent disability (TPD) lump sums; and/or
• income protection monthly payments.

If you are on the DSP or don’t have to look for work as part of Jobseeker, it shows you might have a disability that qualifies for the insurance benefits in super.

It doesn’t matter if you last worked a long time ago or if you have closed the super account. You are covered if you had insurance in your super when you last worked.

Even if you later tried to return to work or did some casual work, you might still have a claim.

And if you have more than one super fund, you might have multiple claims – it’s all possible.

A TPD lump sum won’t affect your Centrelink – unless it takes you over the assets test limit.

Income protection payments count towards the Centrelink income test which means the first 4 per fortnight are exempt and then it reduces your Centrelink by 50 cents in every dollar.

So, depending on the rate of the income protection payments, it’s still probably worthwhile claiming.

The first thing to do is check what super funds you have now and in the past, and what insurance cover you have ever had.

Then check how that lines up with your disability and work history.

There is the lost super register at the ATO – but that won’t tell you everything and doesn’t tell what insurance cover you had. That’s our job!

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